Hercules and Xena: Wizards of the Screen was an attraction at Universal Studios Florida in the Production Central area. It opened at the park in 1997, replacing Murder, She Wrote Mystery Theatre, and was removed in 2000. The attraction was a live show demonstrating production on the Hercules and Xena series, and was similar to the Murder, She Wrote show which had previously occupied the attraction's soundstage building.

Attraction summaryEdit


Guests would wait outside a soundstage where they watched various TV monitors showing clips from the Hercules and Xena series running on a loop. They would then enter the main show building.

Main ShowEdit

Guests were taken through 4 rooms total, where they participated in production and post-production of a new TV movie in the Hercules and Xena series. One scene included a park guest lending their voice to an animatronic monster. The show ended with clips from the upcoming "TV movie" being shown on TV screens, incorporating effects previously recorded during the attraction's main experience.


The attraction opened in 1997 at the park, replacing Murder, She Wrote Mystery Theatre. In 2000, it was closed due to lack of popularity and the soundstage 44 building was left abandoned until it was used to house the "Horror Nights Nightmares" haunted house during Halloween Horror Nights 2004. The following year, the building was condemned by Orange County, Florida's Health Department, and was abandoned until it was demolished to make way for Transformers The Ride in 2011.