The Islands of Adventure Preview Center was an attraction formerly located at Universal Studios Florida in the New York area which replaced The Screen Test Home Video Adventure.

It was meant to give guests a preview of the park's neighboring park, Islands of Adventure. It opened a year before the 'Islands' park opened and closed 4 years later.

Attraction summaryEdit

The attraction was located in a building themed after a theatre titled "Paradise Theater."

In the attraction, guests would walk through various rooms, the first of which was themed to Dr. Seuss creations and included an animated figure of "The Cat in the Hat" riding a machine from the book atop guests' heads.

This area also gave guests a preview of "Seuss Landing's" attractions. The next room was themed to "The Lost Continent" area, and showed guests models from that island and other theming.

The following room, was themed to the "Jurassic Park" island and featured a T-Rex dinosaur on display in front of a wall and also gave guests a preview of this area's attractions.

The next room, was themed to "Toon Lagoon" and had previews of the areas attractions.

Following, was a room themed to "Marvel Super Hero Island" and included Marvel Comics character insignia and previews of this areas attractions including a scale model of the Incredible Hulk Coaster attraction.

The final room stated when the "Islands" park would open, and showed guests Universal's future plans for the "Islands" park and expansion of Universal Orlando Resort.